ANGEL 3.0 represents a big step beyond in the universe of the shirt pressing finishers made by PONY. It is not a restyling of the previous version, but a new concept, that saves the original and successful idea of the first ANGEL, integrating all the latest knowhow while providing the finest finishing solution for shirts.

Innovative features are:

- improved dummy design and vacuum function, that allow a more precise and faster shirt placing;
- wider contoured Teflon-coated bucks for a flawless ironing even beyond the pressed parts, without marks and side wrinkles, while preventing shine on shirts;
- improved powerful 3HP fan and wider vacuum area of the H.A.R.S. (Hot air recovery system), that guarantee a faster drying of the sleeves.
- increased productivity

ANGEL 3.0 combines highly professional performance with extreme ease of use, thanks to its user-friendly and sequential controls. The state-of-the-art multicolor touch-screen PLC interface allows a complete management of this equipment, from customization of the operational cycles to analysis and diagnostics even with remote access, as well as connection to store management software.

ANGEL 3.0 is available in standard version with pneumatic sleeve tensioning device, and in NS (No Sleeves) version without shoulder press and sleeve tensioning devices. Its height can be adjusted so that the neck-holder stands at a minimum of 1440 mm to a maximum of 1520 mm from the floor, thus allowing all operators, tall or short, to operate with a correct and ergonomic posture, with lower fatigue levels and uncompromi­sed performance.

Just like all shirt finishers, the ANGEL 3.0 comes with the PONY tecnologies.

  • PONY SLEEVE TECHNOLOGY: spe­cial rounded and rotary clamps, with pneumatic height adjustment and Teflon-coated surface, assembled to the innovative “reverse V-shaped” structure of the sleeve-stretching arms, ensuring stability and precision of movement, which translates into an impeccable finishing that requires no touch-ups.
  • PONY H.A.R.S. TECHNOLOGY: the patented PONY system for the recovery of hot air produced by the machine. It allows a significant reduction in drying times, lowers consumptions, and improves pro­ductivity and temperature inside the work environment.
  • PONY TOUCH TECHNOLOGY: colour touchscreen HMI for total machine control. Pony Touch Logic allows you to easily customise and save operational programmes, check pro­ductivity, access diagnostic features and maintenance alerts, perform auto-tests and software updates. If connected to the network via an Ethernet port, all operations can also be performed remotely.
  • PONY NO-SHINE TECHNOLOGY: all the pressing parts that directly touch the fabric are Teflon-coated to prevent shiny marks on dark fabrics.
SKU: US-M4100
SKU: US-M4100
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